Continuous monitoring of emissions

Today, continuous monitoring of emissions is must have if we talk about ecology and protection of people and drives. IBEJ is the Authorized Representative and Service of Dr. Födisch for Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose core buesness is Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of CEMS monitoring air pollutants, dust and flow. Dr. Födisch's “made in Germany” measuring devices have been used in operation worldwide for more than 25 years now. The clientele comprises of power plants, cement plants, incinerators for waste, biomass and sewage sludge as well as plants for chemical and metallurgical industry.

IBEJ and Dr. Födisch can offer you the following products, solutions and services:

Emission measuring systems

  • project management;
  • engineering;
  • mounting;
  • commissioning;
  • maintenance;
  • service.


  • first-class complete solutions for emission monitoring;
  • support for implementing authority requirements;
  • compact design of measuring systems;
  • planning, production, installation;
  • professional after-sales support and service independent from brand;


  • planning, production, installation and after-sales service;
  • serial production and customisation;
  • customised solutions;


Maintenance and service for own- or foreign-constructed systems for emission or process measurement.

Dust measurement

There is dust everywhere in our environment. Industrial processes are the reason for dust and because of the general population growth dust particles continue to increase. The permanent control of dust emissions is becoming more and more important. Especially considered worldwide the potential and the necessity are high. Country-specific, legal conditions specify the compliance with limit values for certain plants.


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