IBEJ is a Bosnian company which is present in Albania, Kosovo and in more than 10 African countries. We are humble but accept the challenge to develop on our soil but also to grow in foreign markets.

Our goal is to create a strong and stable company in the field of technological processes, which will offer the equipment and services of superior quality achieve the expectations of its customers and partners.

In the search for solutions, the customers' needs come first. These are just some of IBEJ customers:

Food industry

  • Coca-Cola Coca-Cola
  • Banjalučka Pivara Banjalučka Pivara
  • Bimal Bimal
  • Studen Agrana Studen Agrana
  • Milkos Milkos
  • Sarajevska Pivara Sarajevska Pivara
  • Meggle Meggle
  • Dukat Dukat
  • Mlijekoprodukt Mlijekoprodukt
  • Sarajevski Kiseljak Sarajevski Kiseljak

Oil and gas

  • Rafinerija nafte Brod Rafinerija nafte Brod
  • Rafinerija ulja Modriča Rafinerija ulja Modriča
  • Messer Messer
  • Fagas Fagas

Paper industry

  • Natron Hayat Natron Hayat


  • Termoelektrana Kakanj Termoelektrana Kakanj
  • Termoelektrana Tuzla Termoelektrana Tuzla
  • RTE Gacko RTE Gacko
  • RTE Stanari RTE Stanari
  • Hidroelektrana na Vrbasu Hidroelektrana na Vrbasu

Primary and metal industries

  • Cementara Kakanj Cementara Kakanj
  • Cementara Lukavac Cementara Lukavac
  • Alumina Birač - Zvornik Alumina Birač - Zvornik
  • Rudnik soli Tuzla Rudnik soli Tuzla
  • Carmeuse Carmeuse
  • Željezara Ilijaš Željezara Ilijaš
  • Aluminij Mostar Aluminij Mostar

Chemical industry

  • Solana Solana