The chemical industry is a key sector for virtually all branches of industry. It forms the start of almost any process chain. At the same time, it incorporates the biggest challenges for safe procedures and the economically efficient use of plant capacities.

The following subjects govern the partnership of our experts with customers of the chemical industry:

Safety directly installed: The design of products makes a difference: The proper selection of materials, welding approvals, mechanical solutions like gastight lining, planning of the second line of defense as well as the development according to IEC 61508 are concerned.

Cutting edge technology provides economic efficiency: Cutting edge technology ensures effective use of your resources. Many of Endress+Hauser instruments are equipped with self-verification capabilities for predictive maintenance. Endress+Hauser Heartbeat Technology is just one example of our concepts to ensure safety in your plant while reducing downtime.

Know-How: We offer the complete portfolio of products and solutions for the chemical industry so that we don´t have to enter into any compromises at the plants of customers. Every application requires different answers to increase performance in a targeted fashion.