Food and beverages

Wilhelm Busch once said: “Rather eating a bit too much than drinking too poorly”. None of us can survive without eating and drinking, but it is much more than a mere source of strength. Pleasure releases joy and happiness. The beverages and foods industry is still growing worldwide and faces constantly increasing challenges.

Ensuring the highest degree of hygiene safety: From production through to shipping, we take care of every detail to guarantee absolutely intact surfaces without any scratches or crevices. The instruments are designed to withstand high temperature fluctuations and foam in cleaning processes.

More than complying with international standards: Endress+Hauser is a member of EHEDG and has all products checked for hygiene design by this organization. We offer products free of TSE with all common certificates, from fully welded hygiene process connections according to SS316L through to producer declarations like Ecolab or according to EG1935/2004.

Documenting processes with one hundred percent traceability: We support traceable quality assurance with consistent documentation and digital data management of instruments.

Working in an economically efficient manner with new technologies: Our products are available with 10⁶ variants on average: From the simple hygiene adapter concept through to unusual process connections, to provide the economically most efficient solution. With technologies like 80GHz, there are now reliable instruments also for high and narrow silos available.