Inventory Management & Plant Asset Management

Fully scalable inventory and asset monitoring is key to transparent business decisions

In a constantly changing environment where large amounts of data are available, companies and decision-makers often lack the right information. For efficient decision making it is essential to have high-quality online data and real-time data access. From simple tracking and visualization of reservoirs and silos to extremely accurate reservoir measurements and inventory tracking on a global scale, our inventory tracking solutions guarantee complete inventory visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

For example, we can be your managing partner for tanks and terminals. Endress+Huaser new measuring instruments for pressure measurement, safety instrumentation, loading solutions and fully centralized inventory management systems. For complete inventory visibility, from sensor to business system.

The best solution for any application

We offer you comprehensive inventory tracking solutions that include a full spectrum of metering devices and open, as well as secure data integration. In addition to level, pressure, temperature, density, flow and safety devices, we also offer system components such as PLCs, gateways and telemetry systems. Local or hosted inventory software enables collaboration and business decisions of different stakeholders in unique locations or even within distributed websites.