Power & Energy

Energy moves the world and creates the future. It is the basis of any progress: Industries, craftsmen, trades and even communication need electricity. In this industry, instrumentation supports the following challenges:

Avoiding downtime and boosting productivity: Converting power plants for higher effectiveness means more efficiency but also more difficult processes. Sophisticated instrumentation avoids cost-intensive downtimes and promotes economic procedures by self-diagnosis of the instruments and a corresponding data analysis.

Generating more safety for smooth operation: Appropriate instrumentation excludes accidents: for example, it prevents turbine damage. It also ensures boiler water level doesn’t drop to unsafe levels.

Easily obtained safety: Our portfolio has the most SIL-approved products and you reduce your verification work drastically with our SIL Wizard. Pressure and differential pressure transmitters like Cerabar and Deltabar support your safety loops as part of the MRO strategy..

Profiting from new technologies: Micropilot FMR6x with 80GHz technology provides measuring options for high and narrow boilers, in particular, for the coal business with dry raw material. In the meantime, commissioning, maintenance and the data management of water utilities are implemented by an app at a mobile terminal for FMR10 and FMR20.